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Bugs, Spiders, Birds, Flowers (up close). Click image once during slideshow or thumbnail once to increase size, then again for full-size image.

Noctilucent clouds

To read about these clouds check out this website Basically it explains, that they are water ice crystals 50miles above ground in the Mesosphere, and they reflect " over the horizon" sunlight.

Air Rifles

I was a competitive field archer with crossbow recurve bow and compound bow spanning 35 years. Being a compulsive marksman and now over 70 I am a serious plinker with these weapons. No not plonker !


Since starting my apprenticeship with Heston Aircraft in 1958, I have always admired these masterpieces of design. When they enter the curved approach path into Heathrow from the west they fly over my house at about 6500 feet, often into the setting sun. I'm also located near three small airfields, so get some quite interesting traffic.