Image Gallery

Jupiter 2012

Jupiter "disappeared" in the western sunset skies late February and reapeared in the east in the July dawn sky

Jupiter 2014

Jupiter was visible early in the year and late in the year,so we have images from Feb, March and April, and from Nov through to Spring 2015

Jupiter 2013

A few Jupiter images from a very poor Astro Winter

Jupiter 2015

In Jan 2015 I set up a larger solar telescope, this meant taking down my C14, so the following Jupiter images were taken with a 7 inch refractor.

Jupiter 2017

With my C14 Edge now on the mount with my beloved AP178 solar imaging scope, I can now do justice to imaging Jupiter for this apparition. Although Jupiter is low in the sky from 51north, when opposition is in April, seeing can be quite good and sometimes amazingly so.