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Saturn 2010_2011

2011 was the year of Saturn's big storm

Saturn 2012

Saturn is poorly placed for UK Imagers in 2012, and will be for some years to come. However, in exceptional seeing good images and views can still be obtained. At least the rings are widening.

My Best Ever Saturns

To save trawling through year and month albums , lets cut to the chase and go straight to my best ever Saturn Pics.
Saturn13-Jan-2005   2240 ut

Saturn 2013

Just the one decent image from 2013, due to poor seeing with Saturn low in the sky from UK,

Saturn 2014

Saturn was even lower in the sky from the UK during 2014 but the use of atmospheric dispersion correction prisms enabled good images to be obtained. Seeing during May and June was actually rather good.

Saturn 2016-2017

I did not have a large scope on the mount during 2015 just my 7 inch solarscope. In 2016 I mounted a C14 with the AP178 and carried on imaging Saturn in spite of it being very low in the sky from 51.35North. Trying to capture its beauty is addictive.